Walking School Bus

A walking school bus involves a group of children walking to school with one or more adults. Studies show that fewer children are walking and biking to school, and more children are at risk of becoming overweight.  

Often primary school children lack the necessary skills to make good and sensible judgments when it comes to the speed and distance of vehicles.  Encouraging walking to school especially in a supported situation such as the Walking School Bus allows for some of the best road safety education.  
We need to make the Wadestown environment safe and pedestrian friendly in order to help encourage and reassure Wadestown parents their children can be safe getting to school.

In the past there have been a number of successful Walking School Buses (WSB).  They have been set up by parents and are supported by the Police, Council and School.  Generally there is a parent in charge of each WSB.  They are the contact person and organise a roster place with usually a requirement of one duty day per week per family using the WSB.  Contact the school office to see if there is a WSB operating near you.

Road Safety

There is a Travel Plan team, involving staff and the council. If you have any concerns that require immediate attention please contact the Wadestown School office.

Turning Circle/Yellow Lines

There is an area at the top of the Main School main entrance where there is a turning circle with yellow lines.  It is common practice to turn here safely leading you back down the road towards a “P2” area where it is safe to drop your children off.  It is permissible to do a U-turn in the Rose Street intersection and will continue to be allowed as long as people refrain from stopping on the yellow lines.  However there is to be no stopping, hovering, dropping-off or any activity in the yellow line area whatsoever.  

The Road Patrollers are specially chosen pupils and are there to help keep our children safe.  They are also there to encourage the traffic to keep moving and flow so as not to cause congestion.  Please respect them and the valued job they are doing.

People who stop even just for a moment in the yellow line area are compromising the safety of Wadestown School children causing congestion and visibility issues. Some even reverse making the environment extremely dangerous.

The PTA is continuing to work with the School, the Police and the Council to make our school gate/drop-off area safer and more user friendly.

Do not stop, wait or park on the yellow lines.

“P2” Area

This area means stopping here must not exceed 2 minutes.  It is a No Parking Zone. You can stop for up to 2 minutes if you remain in your car.  With School, Police and Council support, this area is encouraged to be a drop-off/pick-up point only.

Dropping off and picking up DOES NOT mean parking, getting out of the car or stopping your engine.  This system is meant to be a follow-on of what is in place at the Side School in the mornings.

Please use the most forward car space available in the P2 area.  Your child should get in or out of the car as quickly as possible (without your support) as the spaces behind are holding spaces waiting for the first space to become free.

Please try not to be tempted to let your child in or out of the car whilst you are in a holding space, waiting for the most forward space to become available.

This will help with the traffic flow and prevent cars pulling in and reversing, and in general causing more problems.  Please give way to cars in front of you and allow them to leave first.

If you would like to pick up your child from this area please encourage them to wait along the road away from the gum tree so they can see you pull in and the traffic flow need not be interrupted.

If you need to get out of your car please find somewhere else to park during the specified times on the sign.  Dropping your child off a little further away or picking up further away from the school gate will have added health benefits for your child and encourage independence.

Purakau Ave (pedestrian access to Rose Street site from Wilton Road)

After school there is a group of dedicated parents who have a scheduled day when they do a road crossing duty.  Road cones are put out and they are there from just before 3.00pm until about 3.10pm to help cross children safely directly in front of the NZ post box on Purakau Ave across to the footpath on Wilton Road.  

If you have any queries please contact the school office for a contact person.  Please remember to park safely and courteously.  No parking, stopping or hovering on the yellow lines or bus stop.  Parkwise and the Police do visit on occasion.  More importantly parking here compromises the safety of Wadestown School children.  

Purakau Ave is a private thoroughfare for residents so please don’t upset them by parking inconsiderately as we rely on these residents’ goodwill and courtesy to make the area safe for children using this entrance to get to and from school.  

Civil Defence

In the event of a major emergency, such as a large earthquake or other Civil Defence situation, it is expected that every New Zealand family and every workplace will be self sufficient for at least 3 days. 

We believe if every parent/caregiver takes responsibility for providing for each of their children, we can achieve an available food source for all children in the school quickly without having to rely on a committee to count, check and sort a common collection of food.  We ask parents to provide an ice cream container filled with suitable non perishable food items, in case of an emergency.  This should be sent with your child on the first day of school. 
We expect many children would be retrieved in the first few hours of an emergency and if this was the case, left behind food boxes would be able to be redistributed across any people having to remain for an unforeseen longer period of time.
Full details along with suggested items for your container are included in the school enrolment pack. Further details regarding the schools civil defence policy can be obtained from the school office.