Due to the location of the Weld Street site and its small staff size, the staff relies heavily on its parents for help.  These systems have been working successfully for approximately 30 years.

A number of systems have been introduced at the Side School to ease traffic congestion and free up parking space for those parents who accompany their children to the classroom. 

There is a One Way Road Rule operating on Weld Street outside the school.  This operates in the morning from around 8.30-9.15am and then again after school from 2.30-3.15pm. 

Weld Street traffic is encouraged to come from Wade Street down the hill towards Cecil Road.  This means the passenger side of your car is on the entry side to the school making it easier and safer for children to get out in the morning.  Although this one way rule is not police or council enforced, we are fortunate that all the residents surrounding the school also respect this system.  In turn it is helpful if parents can park courteously around the school area so as not to inconvenience local residents and keep the area safe i.e. not on footpaths, not on yellow lines nor on the fire hydrant.

Parking in the Weld Street site driveway is prohibited and please be respectful of neighbours’ driveways in Weld Street.

The Morning Gate Duty Roster (8.30-8.55am) involves a parent at the school gate opening car doors and helping children out of cars. This 'Kiss and Drop' system works well and helps with the flow of traffic at peak times.  It becomes especially useful as the weather deteriorates in winter.

Cecil Road Duty (2.50-3.05pm) involves two cones and two flags being put out with the duty parent wearing a fluorescent safety vest.  The duty parent helps children cross the road safely. 

Having these systems in place makes everyone’s pick up experience easier.  The traffic congestion around the Weld Street site would be unmanageable if these systems were not in place.  Therefore even if your child doesn’t use these areas you could still consider offering to help as these systems are of benefit to everyone.


Wadestown School is relatively rare in having two sites.  These systems are part of its special character that is much loved by the school community so we encourage your participation and support.