The PTA is led by a core committee which includes a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Classroom Coordinator (Leader), and Fundraising Coordinator. The Principal is a regular attendee.

PTA Core Committee


Genevieve Hancock


Duncan McLaren


Kevin Taylor        

Class Coordinator  (Leader)

Nicky Ward

Fundraising Coordinator         


Please contact the Chair if you are interested in this role.            

Classroom Coordinators

The Classroom Coordinators welcome new families to the school community.  They're a good source of information and are only too glad to help, so please contact them if you are unsure about anything.

Coordinators help with the following:

  • Point of contact for parents to the PTA and provide support to engage school community with school fundraising and social events 
  • Point of contact between staff and class parents providing support when required
  • Contact for new families coming into our school community
  • Organise social gatherings for year group classes

The junior school coordinators (year 1-4) are your main point of contact for each year group while the senior school coordinators (year 5-8) are your main point of contact for combined year group classes. Their contact details are listed below. 

Contact Details

Year 1 - Room 1 & 2

Tania Williams

Year 1/2 – Room 0 & 9

Vanessa McKee

Year 3 – Room 10 & 11

Deb Lindsay

Year 4 – Room 12 & 15

Nicola Maurd

Year 5/6 – Room 7 & 8

Anna Sims

Year 5/6 – Room 13 & 14

Michelle Guild

Year 7/8 – Room 4 & 5

Sarah Scott

Year 7/8 – Room 6

Lynette Angus