Civil Defence

In the event of a major emergency, such as a large earthquake or other Civil Defence situation, it is expected that every New Zealand family and every workplace will be self sufficient for at least 3 days. 

We believe if every parent/caregiver takes responsibility for providing for each of their children, we can achieve an available food source for all children in the school quickly without having to rely on a committee to count, check and sort a common collection of food.  We ask parents to provide an ice cream container filled with suitable non perishable food items, in case of an emergency.  This should be sent with your child on the first day of school. 
We expect many children would be retrieved in the first few hours of an emergency and if this was the case, left behind food boxes would be able to be redistributed across any people having to remain for an unforeseen longer period of time.
Full details along with suggested items for your container are included in the school enrolment pack. Further details regarding the schools civil defence policy can be obtained from the school office.