The Role of the PTA

Times are changing and so are the needs of our schools. The money the school receives from government only just covers the day-to-day running costs and there is very little left over for those extras that everyone wants, to create that great learning environment for our children at Wadestown School.

Of course we all want our children to participate in art, music, IT projects and have great sports equipment but we also want our children to be proud of their school and their classroom environment.  To do all of this the school needs extra money. 

We see our role as:
•    Helping the school to function as a community
•    Being an important link between the parents and the school
•    Organising fun and successful social events
•    Fundraising for special projects
•    Helping to host special occasions
•    Organising assistance from parents for specific activities and rosters

PTA Meetings

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings are held approximately twice a term, usually in the evenings and our aim is for them to last no longer than 1½ hours. The PTA Committee meets once every 6 weeks and generally on a Wednesday, at the Rose Street school staffroom at 7.30pm. These meetings are open to everyone and your input is always welcome.  The Principal is a regular attendee.

Meetings are a great way to hear what is happening at the school and why.  It's also a time to have your questions answered and also an opportunity to meet other parents. If you come to meetings it doesn't mean you will be given a job.  If you don't come you can still help in other ways. 

PTA Bank Details

Wadestown School PTA

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